Brainstorming sessions on wheel strategy with experts in the field via live webinars held weekly at TYK Trade. Once you join the Weekly Wheel Training sessions with TYK Trade, you will learn how to calibrate your weekly strategy per your risk appetite and financial goals. The sessions will provide you with an exceptional view of the current market trend and give you impeccable insight into the strategic wheel options strikes.




We host a weekly wheel brainstorming webinar, and many experienced traders from around the world discuss strategic levels for wheel options strategy for consistent cash flow generation week over week.

Target Audience: As these sessions are for anyone who wants to fine-tune their trades or learn on the go, the only requirement is to know how to wheel strategy works. This training course is for anyone who solely takes weekly wheel sessions rather than the regular coursework.

Features of the Weekly Wheel Sessions: Weekly Wheel Sessions are essential for developing as a trader because they allow for immediate feedback, networking, and learning from various people with varying levels of experience and perspective. It also allows you to experience the emotional rollercoaster that traders experience in real scenarios. Every week, there is a review of the previous week’s trades which offer listeners a few more ideas to consider for the coming week. The host is very diligent in explaining things using simple terms. You’ll enjoy the engaging discussions and gain insight into the practical techniques we use each week.

Miscellaneous Knowledge: As these sessions do not include any specific syllabus or curriculum, the candidates get a more practical front of the trading and different terms to catch. It is a realistic and pragmatic education on various topics related to technical analysis.

Support: The traders in the sessions form a support system for each other as a true community approach to learning.


The Weekly Wheel Sessions’ primary focus is on education rather than giving advice. Its goal is to teach you how to trade on your own, following your trading strategy to the letter. We can’t promise you’ll make money, but we can promise you’ll learn how to be the best trader you can be. The program will help you identify and overcome any obstacles you may face along the way.


The Weekly Wheel Sessions are the best place to get professional advice and guidance from experienced and successful traders and meet other traders and bounce ideas off of them. It will undoubtedly shorten your learning curve on your way to becoming a profitable trader!

  • A most significant advantage of this program is that the candidates can start whenever they want. There is no specific format, and the topics covered in the sessions are random and depend on the need of the hour.
  • All you need is basic knowledge about wheel options strategy, and you can be a part of these expert sessions with a realistic approach.
  • You, as a candidate, get to be a part of the professional and expert discussion with many expert traders’ insights.
  • You will get an opportunity to observe real-life trading strategies and apply them in different circumstances in any market condition.
  • These sessions will give you an exceptional view of the current market dynamics and brainstorm accordingly. You will also be given a chance to participate in the discussion, and the mentor will guide you through the process all the time.
  • You can share trades, and if the market fluctuates, it can be a part of the discussion in the sessions. The strategies to implement in real-time to brace yourself from any potential loss and turn it into a profitable trade.
  • The scope of discussion will circle Index-based ETFs.

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