If you’re a beginner in trading or even a pro, you might be searching for the top 10 trading mentors in 2022 to make your trading experience an ecstatic success. The volatility of the stock market urges you to seek expertise as you’re always on the verge of making a potential loss with any careless step.

Thus, the stock market and its navigation can be a sturdy job until and unless you’ve experienced trading mentors at your back.

However, here’s our handpicked list of the best top 10 stock trading mentors:

  1. Ryan Persad

The pro stock marketer and advisor is himself the CEO and founder of “Founding Investment Expert of Options League”. He’s highly acclaimed as an American trading strategist, stock market trader, author, and entrepreneur.

His services to the latest strategies on Best Trading Mentor are phenomenal. His company is providing effing services to help people generate huge profits out of stock marketing.

When Ryan stepped into the world of stock marketing he was just 21 years old. But not he’s also founded another start-up named “The Unique Brainz Organization”. Ryan’s agenda can be of great help to your newly planted stock marketing career.

  1. Trading Experts

Ben and Shake are the two masterminds behind the phenomenal “Trading Experts”. With steadfast research of the best strategies and tactics to tackle the volatility of a stock market, they’ve evolved as one of the best among the top 10 stock trading mentors.

Their agenda is to help pave way for beginner traders so that they won’t end up losing everything they have as their assets. Moreover, you’ll be astonished to learn that trading experts have an experience of many years in serving high net worth clientele.

You can get a hint of Wall Street’s trading secrets from them, as they’re the master of their at stock trading. They are smart at making zero legal taxation and flourishing with a maximum profit, for newcomers.

  1. Kejvi Dema

Kejvi is the creator of “Illyrian Options” and is providing services in New York City with 300+ members. KV not only deals with the sentiments involved with trading, but also make sure the members are making worthy trading strategies.

Kejvi has outlined an ebook with 100 pages, that claims to make its learner earn $100 a day or even more than that. Not only this, one can also avail one-on-one live mentorship consultation from KV himself.

Speaking of his experience, he’s been great at equity trading through these years and is a CFA Level 1 candidate. If you’re struggling to gain a profitable position in trading market, Illyrian is where you must go.

  1. Jourdan Martin

If you’re exploring stock market trading for a long time now, you must have come across “Martin Investment Group LLC”. The company is founded by Jourdan Martin and is dedicated to educating beginner traders about the strategic planning and vision required to be a successful stock market trader.

Martin’s mentorship is appraised by traders of various grades, beginners to pros, because of its free courses and an ultimate “profit calendar”. Profit calendar alone has induced an 80% success ratio for most traders.

  1. Vrajeshwari Bhardwaj

The founder of the global “SharmaFX”, Bhardwaj has set up a holistic approach to educating people about profitable stock market investments and financial management.

Her primary approach is to teach learners about the correlation between economic and financial markets through analysis-based strategies. Moreover, she’s using the social media platforms power to spread awareness and let her students gain an average 200% increase in equity trading!

  1. Timothy Sykes

Timothy’s story is a very interesting version of motivation and dedication. He worked for long hours in building his own stock trading space, whereas he succeeded in making $2 million from just $12,415.

Nowadays, he’s serving as a dream mentor to more than 3,000 students internationally, guiding and teaching the secrets that made him what he is today!

  1. Elvis Justice Bedi

Elvis is often called as Mr. Serendipity, for his triumph of entrepreneurship and successful investment series.

You’ll be astonished to learn that this great entrepreneur, stock market trader, trading analyst, and forex expert is a medic and is a medic at a medical university in Europe. He’s determined to guide people about the potential of online platforms in earning a good sum. He can be seen supporting the cause for stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

He’s based in Ghana and is the proud founder of “Serendipity Trading Academy”. Not only this, Elvis has already stepped into the world of Bitcoin with a massive investment.

  1. Dylan Friedrich

Dylan’s “Impact Investing Team” is one of its kind mentorship platform that is dedicated to providing one-on-one help to trading groups and individuals.

Although his firm has a few members, the job they’re doing is wholesome. From providing long-term successful investment strategy guidelines, to swing trading methods and option trading insights, the team is a full package to avail.

His mentorship program or course includes a video-based training course that contains everything regarding trading, generating successful sales, understanding the volatility of the stock market, etc.

  1. David Sorestad

“Finance Resolved” is the soul company owned by David Sorestad, determined to provide services to traders of any skill levels and expertise. David’s team preview each individual as a successful and a competent trader and investor.

Finance Resolved not only provides expertise to educate and aware but it is also known for upscaling the current situation to a whole new level and making investors excel through undefined boundaries. Moreover, David’s team has got the best brains when it comes to stock portfolios, and finance experts.

  1. Christian Montero

Christian Montero founded “DATASTATIC” as one of its kind platform to provide extensive market research and stock marketing valuation globally (over 50 countries).

The company’s major focus is on stock selection and for this purpose, they use quantitative strategies and the best value investing techniques.

DATASTATIC is serving over 7000 companies on daily bases to provide their market research algorithms.


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