Event Details

June 13

Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Sydney Time

Fee: USD 30

Duration: 2 Hours (75 minutes for the session and 45 minutes for Q&A)


Basics of Chart Reading

An amazing opportunity to learn the basics of chart reading in the stock market. Attend the Zoom webinar and all your doubts related to the stock market’s chart reading procedures will be cleared. The course will be for 2 hours during which the major topics related to chart reading will be explained.



This event is an initiative for the ambitious youngsters and newcomers who are interested in learning the financial strategies and techniques used in the stock market and apply that knowledge for their own assessment. For those who are trying their luck on the stock market and interpret its daily performance, this online webinar would be incredibly helpful. This is because, if you want to seriously trade stocks, you should have the right knowledge about reading and interpreting stock charts.

One of the best places to make money is the stock market and if we are able to assess the market growth correctly, we can make gains without any serious risks. And to assess the market growth in the right way, we need to have the knowledge about chart reading.  Once you learn how to reach charts well enough, then you will be able to determine the buy or entry, and sell, or exit points in a better way.


What would be covered?

In this webinar on chart reading, you will be taught everything that is required for a proper chart reading. Apart from chart reading, the webinar will also teach you other various aspects of stock marketing and trading activities. All the basics of stock marketing, strategy making, decision making, etc will be covered to help you take a more informed decision when buying or selling stocks. 


Below are the topics that will be covered in this webinar for chart reading.

  • Basics of Stock Market
  • why choose the stock market
  • power of the stock market
  • Basics of Chart Reading
  • How to analyze chats?
  • How does the stock price move?
  • How/when to buy and sell stock?
  • Types of Trading styles & Traders
  • Decision making based on chart reading.
  • How to catch the market opportunity using charts
  • Technical analysis
  • Predictions based on chart reading.


What would you get?


After completing this webinar on chart reading, you will be able to understand the trend and trend analysis, its impact on your trading and how to use it to your advantage to make consistent profits.

But once you start trading, you will face various other challenges, unique to you, where you need help from experts. Once you are on track, you can do it on your own, but until then you need some kind of assistance/mentoring. Hence, for assisting you in such scenarios, we provide you with some basic facilities and services that can help you out. Below are some of the useful things that we can provide you after the course:

  • 15-day Membership in WhatsApp Important updates Group
  • 5-Star Trading Setup
  • Evergreen Trading Strategy
  • Assistance with Trading Journal 
  • Assistance with Trading Plan
  • Ultimate Trader’s Checklist

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