Children these days are smarter than their previous generations and many studies have revealed that humans can grasp more knowledge when they are young. So, it is ideal to teach them much needed life lessons while they are young. As much as we focus on academics, it is also important to teach them about money which will help them understand the importance and ways of making money early on in their life.

As they become aware of money and other financial concepts, it is smart to familiarize them with investing and arm them with know-how and tools that they can take with them into their adult life.

child warren buffet

Ace Investor Warren Buffett started investing at an early age of 11, he bought his first stock in the year 1942 and since then he became one of the richest men in the world.

Children mature at different rates, of course, so it may be a while before they’re ready to tackle concepts such as portfolio creation and asset allocation. However, the basics of investing can be taught when kids are quite young.

Kids should be able to understand the concept of money and basic arithmetic. This event covers all the basics concepts of Stock Market which would be essential building blocks to become a successful trader.

Event Details –

Time – Sat, 30th October 2021, 6.30 PM – New York, US

Time – Sun, 31st October 2021, 9.30 AM – Sydney, Australia

Platform – Zoom Meeting

Age Group  11 to 18 year old


Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Investment: Learn about the concept of investing and what are the various ways in which you can invest.
  • Importance of Investment: Here I’ll make sure that the kids understand why investment is important and how they can create wealth along with importance of time in investment.
  • What is equity market: Making kids understand the very basics of trade and how trades can be executed in the equity market.
  • How to Select an equity for Trading: Making aware of the various indicators that are necessary to select which equity to select for trading.
  • Market Awareness: Learn about the market in which you want to trade and which factors to keep in mind before trade execution.
  • Portfolio Creation: Learn how to create a portfolio with the list of best stocks that’ll help you make a successful investor.



DANISH ALI – Stock Trading Mentor | Trainer | Prop Trader

Danish is a Stock Trading Mentor, Prop Trader and founder of TYK Trade. He teaches Advanced Options Trading Course and Futures & Futures Options strategies. He has years of experience in the Stock market as a trader and mentor both. His unique style of teaching has been appreciated by his students as that helped them to understand the very complex trading terms in a simplified manner eventually making them better in trading.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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