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    Again, thanks to Danish for presenting a way where we can trade with technical analysis which minimizes the loss and maximize the gain ratio, with a truly clear understanding which we can be applied in almost every trade.My perspective of trading has completely changed and so has the way I look at the charts to analyse and make confident decisions.

    Harish C

    Pittsburgh, USA


    Danish answers the questions and does not hold back when giving you the truth about the market and it’s risks. He also does not hold back from sharing his knowledge and years of experience in technical analysis.

    Khaled S

    Deer Park, USA


    Danish is a phenomenal teacher and clearly understands the ins and outs of everything he talks about. The resources he gives out and the techniques he shows are second to none and overall makes his class very interactive and fun to be in. He answers every question with a thoughtful response and takes time to show examples of what he’s teaching to really make sure the content is solidified.

    Arham K

    Allen TX, USA

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