It is a 3-week long training program that starts with Introducing Futures and ends where participants are capable of Trading Futures Options. Futures Trading Course provides participants with the practical information they need to begin trading Futures and Options with confidence. It will assist them in comprehending derivative trading’s principles, features, characteristics, and risk-reward payoff. The Ultimate Stock Trading Course will cover the following features:

  • The distinction between stocks and futures.
  • All sorts of futures contracts, including commodity and financial futures.
  • The margin and leverage conditions.
  • Understand the contract specifications of both Futures and Options.

Anyone acquainted with charting, basic technical analysis, options and how they function, regardless of their location, occupation, education, or age. It is encouraged that the participants complete the Basics and Advanced Futures Options Trading Course before enrolling for this course.


Future Options Trading Course involves active participation to keep it exciting and interactive. The mentor will walk the candidates through a demo on live data. This training helps you prepare and conduct a trade based on your particular lifestyle, risk-appetite, long-term and short-term trading objectives. The Futures Trading Course aims to provide CONSISTENT positive results using techniques that are reliable and reusable.


Each session has a personalized touch to make it a one-of-a-kind experience and keep the conversation focused on you. You can still listen to the recording if you miss a class or if you want to hear the session again since all of the sessions are recorded and available for a year after you attend the classes. You can apply the information from these sessions and make money whether you want to leave your job and do this full time or have 15 minutes in a day to spare for trading.

  • You’ll get a basic understanding of derivatives.
  • You’ll be able to describe derivatives and distinguish between various forms.
  • The characteristics of futures contracts, as well as trading and cash flows, will be covered.
  • You’ll learn the basics of options, including their contract features and pricing.
  • You’ll learn how to price futures contracts.

Opportunity lurks around every corner in the financial market and so does the probability of failure. It takes more than desire, discipline, and commitment to be a good trader. Futures and stocks, without a doubt, provide participants with various ways to benefit. What markets, however, are the best for you? If you’re not sure, it may be time to investigate further.


The Ultimate Stock Trading Course will cover the basics of derivatives and show how they vary from other types of financial instruments. TYK Trade mentors will then shift gears to a more in-depth discussion, beginning with Futures contracts and ending with Options contracts. It will address contract specifications, pricing, implementations, risk management, and hedging, as well as key characteristics. The first section of this course covers the basics of the futures market. You’ll hear what futures are and the different categories that exist. This Best Online Stock Trading Course will teach you how to use futures in the real world.

  • What are Futures?
  • Futures Trading Strategies
  • Options Analysis and Trading Strategies
  • Advanced Technical Analysis and Risk Management
  • One-on-one sessions

Why exchange futures, you may wonder? What are the benefits of futures and stocks? The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) only trades stocks for six and a half hours per day, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Futures, on the other hand, trade almost continuously on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). It allows you to benefit even during the Asian or European sessions while America is sleeping. You can double your investment in futures at the same time as stocks offer you just a 5% profit by using the leverage of low margin requirements on futures contracts. They will make you a lot of money in a shorter amount of time.


To become a good trader, you must learn everything there is to know about trade and understand how to profit from stock trading. It is advantageous for someone active and sincere to receive a good return from the stock market while avoiding any potential danger. The following are some of the advantages of stock market training:

  1. Resources: Candidates get additional investment opportunities in addition to what they learn in the Training Ultimate – Futures and Options Online Course. It is because learning how to trade is a long-term interest. As a result, the stock market F&O Trading Course you enroll in can provide you with investment tools and access to information that can answer your questions. There is no limit to the amount of money you will earn by investing in the stock market.
  2. Expert Advice: You don’t want to start trading stocks with real money to test the waters. That’s what you’ll end up doing if you don’t have the proper preparation. Trading becomes less mysterious when you take an appropriate course of trading. A proficient trading professional is behind the success of the Training Ultimate – Futures and Options Course at TYK Trades. They teach you what to look for and how to avoid costly errors while putting together your investment portfolio.
  3. Realistic Approach: Another benefit of attending an online F&O Trading Course with TYK Trade is the ability to practice what you learn. It’s one thing to learn about the stock market in a study hall; it’s quite another to understand how to trade. Considering anything, not every investor has the same view of the stock market. TYK Trade’s Training Ultimate – Futures and Options Online Course is appropriate for anyone who sees his future self in the stock market. It also offers a range of learning opportunities. It involves simulated trading and real-time access to global markets, both of which propel by the same best-in-class programming that skilled traders use.
  • It motivates you to become a competent trader who understands everything there is to know about trading.
  • It helps you to discover all of the various ways to make more money in the stock market.
  • It assists you in identifying tactics to use in your trading to reduce risk and increase profit.
  • It helps you be more grounded to deal with unfavorable market conditions without losing money.
  • It allows you to trade anywhere you want.
  • It makes you more confident and willing to choose different types of trading in the stock market.
  • Candidates can earn a lot of money with a small investment.
  • They can get a leg up on the competition in today’s volatile stock market.
  • They can become capable of developing more interest in upcoming stocks.

Given that there are no limits to its benefits and we cannot list them all, we hope that the E mini Futures Trading Courses will help you become a more successful trader in the stock market.


Futures and options are two of the most common forms of derivative products. Derivatives are financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset. The underlying may be a company’s stock, a currency, or gold, among other things. The underlying asset does not require to trade the derivative instrument. To succeed in the market, one must have a basic understanding of futures and options. Futures Trading Course aims to start from the beginning, concentrating on learning specific tactics, resources, and techniques to help professionals make educated decisions, making it a competitive approach.

  • What are Futures?
  • More about Futures – Contract, Pros & Cons, Margins Limits, etc.
  • Futures Trading Strategies
  • Options Analysis & Trading Strategies vis-à-vis market situations (sideways vs. trending)
  • The decision on Buying vs. Selling an Option
  • Hedging & Spread Strategies to maximize profit with minimal risks.
  • Strategies for neutral technical views
  • Strategies for choppy/uncertain markets
  • Rules of the game – Do’s and Don’ts

a. Risk management

  • Learn about Position sizing and Stop Loss.
  • Learn various techniques to mitigate risk.

b. Review various charts and learn about Risk Management.

  • We will review how to hedge and mitigate risk.

One-on-one session with each student to clear their doubts to improve the trading plan. Review their performance in Paper Trading and make them ready for Actual trading.

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