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Over years of experience Danish Ali, who started as a beginner with no experience of trading has paved his way to becoming a pro at the game. With years of hard work and determination he is able to now teach others what has made him so successful.

The journey began with many mistakes being made by Danish, however he ensured to learn from them and not repeat them. Danish didn’t just stop there, after becoming a proficient trader he now wants to teach others to do the same.

Choose your own courses and schedule your own study timeline, learn at your convenience and start earning as soon as possible. Our content is created to make complicated things easier for you.

Get our free and premium content and start learning right away. Begin your journey to financial freedom with TYK Freemium Content that is designed for beginners just like you.

The team at TYK Trade works tirelessly to bring you all the information you need to become an expert, our researchers bring you the market analysis when needed with a detailed report for your better understanding.

TYK understand the importance of becoming financially independent. Our trainers and courses provide you with the basic to advance financial skills you need to begin your journey of financial freedom.

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