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For most of us, it’s really important to have a job in order to get a steady source of income that will help support our lifestyles. But even after getting promotions and salary hikes, the amount we make are never enough. Our wishes and demands never end, year on year hike in inflation, plus some unwanted or sudden expenses also impacts the budget negatively.

  • How to cope up with this situation?
  • How do you overcome from this budget crunch?

Well, many will say that you’ll have to manage your money properly so that you always try to get out of such situation. Some will advice to start saving some amount every month from the salary while others will advice on getting insurance to cover for few of the sudden expenses. However true the above advices sound, even they are never enough.

  • Then what do you do?
  • Create Passive income opportunities!
  • Yes, you read that right ‘Passive Income’.
  • And what exactly is Passive Income?
  • Passive income is something that you earn on top of your regular income.

Generating Passive income is not too difficult. There are numerous ways to generate Passive income, you just have to find out what works for you.

The most sought-after and highly productive source of generating passive income is Trading. For trading, you do not have to spend a lot of your valuable time which make it the most popular passive income source. Being flexible in nature, trading has been accepted by many as a second source of income apart from their regular job.

Trading comes with a lot of different choices,

  • you can trade every day or on those days when you get some time to spare from your work.
  • You can start trading with stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds etc.
  • Trades can be of short or long duration.

This event covers all the important topics which are essential to become a profitable trader.

Event Details –

Time – Sat, 25th Sept 2021, 8 PM – New York

Time – Sun, 26th Sept 2021, 10 AM Sydney Australia

Platform – Zoom Meeting


  • TECHNICAL INDICATORS: Understanding the Technical Indicators & their role in Options Trading and how you can make best use of them.
  • Trend ANALYSIS: Learn about the charts and their types and how to read each of these charts to make best use of them by making profitable trades.

Different Trade Strategies and how to implement each strategy are also covered in this event.

Strategy Types:




DANISH ALI – Stock Trading Mentor | Trainer | Prop Trader

Danish is Prop Trader and trades Futures and Futures Options and is the founder of TYK Trade. He has years of experience in the Stock market as a trader and mentor both. His unique style of teaching has been appreciated by his students as that helped them to understand the very complex trading terms in a simplified manner eventually making them better in trading.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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